Active recovery: Redux 1

Redux 1

It’s week 2 of training for Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles. I caught a cold while traveling to Toronto. I feel exhausted, sluggish, and unmotivated but I’m pushing through with training. Between early morning spin at Flywheel and late evening gym sessions, I need to slow down.
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Dinner night with Earth Balance

RARAx3 x Earth Balance

I don’t talk much about food on here and I tell myself it’s okay. Recipes aren’t really my thing. I don’t cook often. I eat the same stuff daily. Why should I blog about it?

The truth is I need to talk about food and I need to do it more often. This way, I’m more mindful about what I eat.
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Tips for training while traveling

It’s fairly difficult to train while traveling. Your routine becomes disrupted; you may not have your accountability workout partner to motivate you; and there’s a million more “reasons” I can add to this laundry list of excuses.

The bottom line: If it’s a priority to you, you will find any means to make it happen.
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Review: Raleigh Bicycles’ Redux 1

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I finally own a bicycle…again. I’ve been wanting one since after I sold my hot pink cruiser that sat in my living room for well over two years. Silly, huh? Well this time around, Raleigh Bicycles reached out to see if I was interested in trialing one of their bikes in exchange for my honest review. So here’s how it went down.
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Ragnar Northwest Passage 2016

I did it again…another 200ish-mile relay with 12 runner friends from California, Seattle andΒ North Carolina. In a little over 31 hours, we ran from Blaine (basically the US/Canada border) to Langley, Washington on very little sleep and minimal showers. I guess you can call us crazy.

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