‘Tis the season…

…to celebrate love, family and friendship. You name it!

The holidays are a time of year to appreciate the good and the bad, past or present. It’s a time to reminisce, to channel all energy into positive vibes and pay it forward. Each year, we gain and we lose but it’s imperative to focus on moving onward and giving our best. Not every holiday will be a happy or merry one, but it’s always an opportunity to remember all the people and experiences that influenced our lives and helped us get where we are today. It’s a chance to appreciate how far we’ve come and find joy amidst all the chaos.

Merry Holiday, Happy Christmas, Condolences, Hugs and Kisses, whatever greeting suits you.

Most importantly, live to be the best you can be; not just today but every day.

Photo by my pretty rad cousin Andra Muna-Calvo.

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