Tips for training while traveling

It’s fairly difficult to train while traveling. Your routine becomes disrupted; you may not have your accountability workout partner to motivate you; and there’s a million more “reasons” I can add to this laundry list of excuses.

The bottom line: If it’s a priority to you, you will find any means to make it happen.

My situation: I’m traveling for 6 of my 10-week half marathon training.

  • Toronto, Canada: August 24 – 29
  • Seoul, South Korea: September 7 – 14
  • San Francisco, California: September 27 – October 10
  • Chicago, Illinois: October 10 – 17
  • New York City, NY: October 17 – 23

My primary concern: How do I stay motivated and focused on training while traveling?

Read on for how I’m marathon training and traveling.

Make it a priority and make a plan

Fit training into your travel schedule. Book a hotel with a gym and sneak in a workout before starting your day. Alter your training goals to make more realistic ones that align with your travel schedule.

Sweat efficiently

Use your time wisely. Consider High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for quick and efficient workouts or walk around the city instead of Ubering. The smarter you are with your workouts the harder you can enjoy your vacation.

Have fun

Change it up and keep things interesting. Traveling offers you an opportunity to mix up your workout. Running to explore is one of my favorite ways to train on-the-go. Attending a local fitness class or running with a local crew are a few other options.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself for accomplishing a training + travel goal. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it. Rewarding yourself for positive behaviors will help motivate you. It’s always nice to work toward something.

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