Getting to Your First Push-up

The process is pretty simple and can apply to almost anything really:

Consistency is key.

I remember when I couldn’t do one regular push-up. It took weeks of modified push-ups at low reps, but I kept at it. Ten weeks later, I can do more than 20 normal and even tricep ones ^_^!


In addition to staying consistent, there were a few tips I used to get there:

  • Core plays a huge role in this process, get to planking!
  • Modify. You want to build the right muscles so good form is better than no form.
  • Fewer reps are fine. It’s better to do a few right than more and wrong.


Full outfit:

Photos by Riley Jamison.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post although affiliate links are included.

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    I think it’s amazing how relationships can blossom from a simple meeting. The smiles on your faces truly capture the happiness in doing what you love and doing life. Keep it up, sole sisters!