SeatDreamzzz Review

Before I hop into reviewing SeatDreamzzz’s sleep mask, I wanted to give some context as to why I decided to trial it considering it isn’t your typical fitness product.

Friends, I finally figured out my superhero power: I can sleep on airplanes! No sleeping pills required.

From September through November, I was traveling throughout Asia for work and leisure. After a month in Wuhan, China, I was city hopping every week: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guam, and Tokyo, Japan. I was constantly asked how my flights were and I found myself saying every single time how I slept most of the ride. Others would respond with jealousy wishing they could do the same. It was then I swore I had a talent or skill for sleeping on airplanes. I would fall asleep before takeoff and either wake up on landing or for long flights (8hrs+), I’d wake up an hour or 2 before landing. Amazing, huh? Now you know, I’m a professional at sleeping on planes.

When traveling, I didn’t normally get neck pains. But recently, it’s been absolutely terrible. My back has been hurting and it can put me out of workouts for days. So when, SeatDreamzzz reached out to me for a review, I was excited to try their sleep mask. I’d typically say no to these kind of reviews since it’s a bit unrelated to fitness, but I must admit I’m a bit desperate for a fix. This is a problem that’s physically hurting my body and affecting my workout routine so I felt it was authentic to my fitness and travel experience.

Yesterday, I flew to Oregon for the holidays and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test the mask. One super important note is the sleep mask only works on seats with headrests – not all planes have this feature so be prepared.

The Good:

Anyone looking to eliminate head-bobbing on a plane should consider SeatDreamzzz’s sleep mask.

The Bad:

While the product is made of quality materials based on design and functionality goals, the sleep masks seem cheap in appearance.

The Bottom Line:

If you value function and comfort over appearances, SeatDreamzzz will work for you.

What problem is SeatDreamzzz trying to solve?

I believe products should answer real world problems experienced by real people. SeatDreamzzz aims to solve the classic head-bob issue. They do this in a way that implements an existing product the sleeping eye mask, which answers another problem – unwanted brightness or sunlight. I can attest to head-bobbing. I’ve had my fair share of it and as I mentioned above, it escalated to a point where it’s causing muscle strains in my neck and upper back. As for the eye mask feature, it’s a nice to have for me. Lights don’t bother me while sleeping as much as it probably does for other people.

SeatDreamzzz’s target audience are travelers commuting on planes. By incorporating the eye-mask concept into their design and positioning their masks as versatile, they are allowing their product to scale beyond frequent air travelers. Also when you can get multiple usages out of a single thing, it makes it feel worth it. In this case, you can use their sleep mask on the plane while you’re traveling and as a traditional sleep mask when you have reached your destination.

Design and functionality

I’m no expert in product design and manufacturing, but I can say I slept comfortably wearing the mask than I did without it. I was a bit self conscious strapping the mask onto my seat, during my flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but it wasn’t as obnoxiously distracting as other products and very much worth it. I slept the entire flight without head-bobbing and no neck pains. If you’re curious how it works, see instructions here.

When I first received the product, I presented it to a few of my coworkers and close friends to inquire their first impressions. One common feedback I received was the product lacked a high quality appearance. I will agree when I first pulled the mask out of its bag, the stitching of blue thread along the perimeter of the eye mask, the plastic belt buckles, and nylon belt material didn’t appear premium to me. When I think of high quality, I’m imagining leather and metal materials. Now here’s where this will all make sense. SeatDreamzzz could do a better job of messaging what “high quality” means. After trialling the mask yesterday, I realized high quality was referencing design and functionality together. Imagine a high quality sleep mask made of leather and metal. Although likely effective, I don’t think it would be comfortable, compact, travel-friendly, and especially machine washable.

Since this is the first of its kind, I’m looking forward to seeing how SeatDreamzzz can improve their design and level up its look. I’d love to see new colorways geared toward fashionistas because in its current state, the product looks like it was made for men by men (no offense and seriously not trying to be sexist).

Final thoughts

Overall, SeatDreamzzz’s sleep mask is a pretty darn clever solution to the classic head-bob while sleeping on an airplane problem. I’m looking forward to seeing how their product will evolve with more community support and financial backing. If they can make the mask feel a bit more premium, I think their next big win is to get airlines to adopt these as a standard inflight amenity. Similar to how airlines provide earbuds for entertainment, imagine a world where we have sleep mask head-belts. On the flip-side, imagine all the other problems it’ll introduce. Oh the joys of product development.

You can check out their Kickstarter page here.

I’m always curious about others’ perspective. I’d love to hear your initial thoughts and reactions about his product. Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This is a paid review by Seatdreamzzz but all words are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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