Run with Rara – 2016 Races

Edited for updates.

We all have our reasons for why we run. For me, one of them is traveling to run and running to explore

In the last two years, I was fortunate to run in many new places both domestic and abroad. The goal is to keep it going so you can always expect my race schedule to include some sort of travel.

Here are a few races I have lined up for 2016:

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Ragnar Relay
Since last year, I wanted to run Ragnar with the ladies but my schedule didn’t allow for it. So this time around, I made it a must.

  • Southern California – April 1
  • Northwest Passage – July 15

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
I’ve mentioned this on Twitter a while ago, but I’m super excited to announce (officially on the blog) that Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series invited me back on the Rock’n’Blog team for 2016. This will be my second year on the team and my third year running the series. Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego was my first half marathon so this particular series will always hold a place near and dear to my heart. Thanks to RnR, I get to run as many races this year for free! I plan to run:

  • San Diego – June 5 (cancelled)
  • Seattle – June 18 (cancelled)
  • Las Vegas – November 13
  • Los Angeles – October 30

If you’re interested in running any Rock ‘n’ Roll half or full marathon, you can save $15 on registration with code: RARAX3.


Nike Women’s Series
I owe it to Nike that I met so many strong and beautiful women all over the globe and I look forward to meeting more. Unfortunately, most of the races I’m interested in conflicts with my work travel (Seoul, Manila, China) or dates have yet to be announced (considering Georgia, Los Angeles and London). So for now, I’m signed up for Nike Women’s Half Marathon Mexico City on April 24.

That’s all I have for now. I hope that I’ll be able to meet many of you at one of the races (or more) that I mentioned above or we can travel together to future races.

If you have recommendations for races that are worth traveling for, let me know in the comments below. 

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