Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles

Another week, another half! After Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF, it was time for a switch up. This was the first race in a while that I felt I truly enjoyed myself and ran because I love it.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles is a new one for me and I was surprised with the turnout compared to San Diego and Las Vegas. On the course there were a few stretches that felt low energy due to empty sidelines and lack of runners. But overall it was one of the more chill races I ran. Let me tell you why.

Although this was my slowest at this distance (2:46), I was reminded of why I love running and fitness. In hindsight, it’s something I’d forgotten whenever I started a race.


First, I ran with one of the coolest people I know: Matty. He was up bright and early alongside me on that Sunday morning to conquer his first half marathon. Another good friend of mine, Rocks (shown above) also killed it on her first half this time. Congrats to you both!

Second, it was the first race I ran entirely without music, funny enough I sported a pair of Powerbeats2 Wireless the whole time regardless. (Guess it’s always nice to have the option, even when you don’t need it.) Instead Matty and I chatted and rocked out to the entertainment along the course.

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Often I feel uptight, angry or frustrated when I’m focused on hitting a PR (personal record) in a race that I forget to enjoy myself. Running with Matty reminded me of why I love running in the first place because he was constantly cheering strangers on and pumping up others on the course. It’s what I enjoy doing outside of races but somehow gets lost when I cross that start line. So during RnRLA, I did my best to appreciate others around me, forget about hitting a goal, and embrace what time I had with great company.

I need to make it a goal to run a few races a year just for fun. But next up, I’ll be rocking the #StripatNight for a PR. See you in Vegas!

Disclaimer: As a Rock ‘n’ Blog team member, I received a free 3-Pack Tour Pass for Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series in exchange for sharing my experiences surrounding the events. As always, all thoughts and opinions are all mine and I only work with brands I truly care about.

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