Onzie: Ethereal Evolution

In love doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about Onzie‘s fall collection, Ethereal Evolution. The name perfectly describes every aspect of the line’s design — from colorways to fabric choices. Onzie generously gifted Nikki and I a pair from the collection and I wanted to recreate my version of ethereal.


When I think of ethereal, I envision something out of this world, calm, peaceful and of course, beautiful. I knew that the scene had to be set at the beach but it still didn’t capture what the word meant to me.


While shooting photos of the outfit at the beach, we were so caught up in our shoot that I didn’t really notice everyone around us passing by and who probably thought we were crazy. In hindsight, I became fully aware.


For me, ethereal is about finding the calm and peace to be yourself and not worry about everything else around you. It’s about jumping around as if no one is watching. It really hit me because it closely relates to being RARA. My version of ethereal is about RARA life (doing you while being true to yourself).

[Tweet “When you can live in a world but make a beautiful one for yourself within it, you are ethereal.”]


Nikki’s full outfit:

Jamaica’s full outfit:

Photos by Riley Jamison.

Disclaimer: Thanks to our friends at Onzie for hooking us up with a few pieces from their Ethereal Evolution collection. As always, all thoughts and opinions are ours and we only work with brands we truly care about.

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