Onzie x Nike: Take a breath

The world all around us is full of distractions and noise. Sometimes you need to escape, take a breath, and create the peace you desire — take a moment for you.

We live in a world where it’s easy to burn out but not always easy to get away from. Juggling work, training, blogging and time with friends has me always on the go. Often times it can be stressful and overwhelming. Here’s how I unwind:

    1. Dress comfy. No makeup. Hair up. Favorite top/bottom and just lounge. You will feel fabulous and definitely comfortable.
    2. Yoga. It’s calming and relaxing. Need I say more?
    3. Staycation at home. It’s not always realistic to drop everything and leave town. But you can transform your place at home into a comfortable getaway. Think candles, soft blankets and your favorite movie or show. And if home is too hectic, you can find a quiet coffee shop, park or lounge nearby that can act as your getaway space.

Full outfit:

Photos by Riley Jamison.
Disclaimer: This is not a paid post although I did receive a complimentary outfit from Onzie.

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