NikeWomen Victory Tour Mexico

This past weekend, I hopped on a plane with three of my runner girlfriends for NikeWomen Victory Tour Mexico 21K. Unfortunately, I was unable to run the race. Here’s why…

I did the thing I wasn’t suppose to do before the race.

You’re probably thinking: “Oh no!…she ate the damn TACOS!” It’s a very true and sad story; I ate the damn tacos. Now, there’s nothing wrong with tacos and in fact, I thought they were the best tacos I ate to date. But it was those damn delicious tacos that also kept me up all night before the race and had me puking my guts out minutes before I had to secure the start line.

I don’t regret it but I’ll take this entire experience as a lesson. I’m really good at doing all the things you shouldn’t do before a race (ask my friends…I winged my first marathon!) and it finally bit me in the ass. So I want to share with you a few things you probably don’t want to do before a race that I personally did for this particular one.

What not to do before a race

Not doing your homework

I’m notorious for neglecting pre-race prep. This includes figuring out when and where I need to pick-up my packet, looking at the race course, and buying race day essentials, etc. I generally consume this info days before a race and it’s never been a big issue until Mexico. *dun dun dunnnn*

The day before the race, a very generous Nike employee from Mexico invited us to a shake out run with their VIP group of ladies, pacers and coaches. A 2-miler shouldn’t be a big deal, right? WRONG. 2-miles in 7,000+ feet elevation killed my poor lungs. Something I could have at least expected if I only did my research.

Improper training

No training is just as bad as improper training. Obviously some training is better than none, but doing it the wrong way won’t fully prepare you for what you set out to do. I crossed trained extensively for 12 weeks prior to this race but had no endurance training. If I had ran the race, it would have been a difficult one considering the elevation gain and my lack of endurance.

Adventurous eating

A few days before the race is not a time to try new food. For me, that’s particularly difficult during runcations because part of the reason I love to travel is experiencing new cultures and food. About the tacos, I’m assuming my body wasn’t use to some of the local bacteria in Mexico’s meat hence my body’s reaction.

I like to think everything happens for a reason. The tacos and my body’s reaction to it was the universe telling me I wasn’t ready for this race. I’m okay with that. I deserved it since I didn’t train. Who knows, maybe if I actually ran the race something worse could have happened (e.g., permanent or long-term injury).

So the moral of the story is don’t eat the damn tacos and take training / pre-race prep more seriously. What are some of the things you did or didn’t do before a race that turned out poorly?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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