Moments and Memories of 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s that time of year when many of us look back, reminisce, and reflect on our experiences, accomplishments, or lack thereof. This past week, I did the thing and rummaged through my memories for my big moments of 2017. In the process, I discovered a few things:

  • I could do a better job of documenting my moments – capturing more and archiving efficiently.
  • This year was filled with many first experiences which I’ll list later.
  • Sadly, I felt / feel so disconnected from my fitness family specifically my local LA fam. One of the big reasons why is the next bullet.
  • I traveled the most this year than I ever did in my entire life – nearly 25% for work and several personal trips amounting to almost 40% total travel.
  • While I did many exciting things, it was slightly a throw-away year for me. Reasons why I felt this way:
    • I didn’t set concrete goals.
    • I was traveling too much.
    • I was very confused with myself (a story for another post).

Now on to it, here are some of my moments and memories of 2017:

Travel Adventures

Recurring goal: One new country per year.

New places: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Calgary, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park, Silver Falls State Park

Revisits: Vancouver, Boston, New York, Guam, Shanghai, Beijing


Recurring goal: Minimum of three races with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and one race in a new location. I wanted to explore other workouts so 2017 wasn’t a big race year for me.

  1. RNR San Diego
  2. RNR Seattle (new)
  3. RNR Chicago (new)


  • Completed spinning instructor certification
  • Completed BBG Round 1 twice and consistently stayed active for most of the year!
  • Fell in love with spinning at Flywheel Sports, 3-4x weekly.


New brands I was excited to work with this year:

Veteran brands I’m blessed to have long-term relationships with:


  • Hit my targeted net worth goal for 2017
  • Hosted my first charity event with Melissa
  • Started RARAx3, LLC.
  • Worked an event at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing – aka. Beijing National Stadium, home of the 2008 Olympics
  • Increased my level of proficiency for Korean language

Although 2017 didn’t pan out exactly how I wanted it, it’s been full of spontaneity and adventures. I discovered more about myself and the world around me through visiting many new places and prioritizing new experiences. If anything, this year I really focused on making small lifestyle changes that I hope will propel me forward in 2018.

My goal for 2018 is to refine myself, my priorities, to learn, to grow, and hopefully inspire others in the process. Cheers to a better best me and a wonderful new year for you.

Looking back at 2017, what did you discover about yourself? What would you like to improve moving into 2018?

Photos by Tina Jo.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post although I do mention a few of the brands I partnered with in 2017.

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