I will not be unsupported – Under Armour

What a clever campaign slogan for a sports bra promotion:

“I Will Not Be Unsupported”

In a lot of ways Under Armour Women has it right, cheesy as it might sound.

Reflecting on where I use to be: lack of confidence, carrying an extra 25 lbs, a severe case of fuckarounditis, and an overall sense of unhappiness — I know I wouldn’t have made progress without the support from friends, family and most importantly, you.

Through developing this solid support system, I was able to overcome my own obstacles and progress forward. I’m so grateful for the motivation and continued encouragement when things were rough.




It’s not easy to put yourself out there and often I feel vulnerable, but in the end I do it for accountability and support. All the kind words you’ve given me and the stories you share motivate me to keep moving. I may inspire you but also know that you do the same for me, it’s an endless reciprocal loop. Thank you for being there for me, and each other.


Keep doing you. Be real. And together, let’s not be unsupported.

Full outfit:

Photos by Riley Jamison.

Disclaimer: Shout-out to SIX:02 for gifting us each an Under Armour Women outfit. As always, all thoughts and opinions are ours and we only work with brands we truly care about.

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