NYC: Packing for Travel

Packing can be tricky. I used to bring too much (or not enough!) and leave important things behind. Now that I’ve been traveling more, I’ve learned tricks to help make sure I’m heading out the door prepared.

  • Bringing an outfit in my carry-on: If my baggage gets lost or delayed I still have clean clothes.
  • Packing flexible clothing: I’ve got an amazing grey shirt that pairs with almost anything. Having a bunch of these flexible pieces saves space while still offering me plenty of variety.
  • Arriving earlier than recommended: Travel stress is often because of lack of time. If I make myself arrive early, traveling is so much more enjoyable.
  • Having a plan before I go: I like to be spontaneous but if there are places I need to go — my hotel, the airport, a to-die-for pastry shop — I keep the addresses on hand in a notebook or on my phone.
  • Running through a checklist: I use a mental checklist and pack in the same order every time.



If you’re still getting the hang of traveling I recommend the checklist I created below. It may help to kickstart your own packing process. <3




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