Hi! My name is Jamaica King. Yes, you read correctly. Jamaica like the country and King similar to Kingston the capital of Jamaica. Sadly, I’m not from there but I am from a super super tiny island in the Pacific that isn’t even on the world map. Ask me about it.

I’m a fitness and lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles. When I’m not staying active with my local fitness community, I’m traveling to run and running to explore. I’m a life-long learner with a passion for connecting and helping others. I absolutely enjoy meeting new people (even though it somewhat scares me – social anxiety?) and exploring new countries (never not learning!).


In its early stages, RARAx3 (rah-rah-times-three) was an online journal where I documented my weight loss journey – tracking my workout, goals and progress. Over time, RARAx3 evolved into a lifestyle blog where I now share my personal adventures around balancing sweat and style, even while traveling.

On RARAx3, you’ll get a mix of product/service reviews and recommendations, race training tips and recaps, adventures around the globe, and life learnings through my lens (sometimes, it’s a bit foggy but I promise you, that’s life. $*** happens!).


Each person is unique, with many interests and passions they strive to balance throughout their lives. RARAx3 is about that balance and celebrating the differences in everyone. It’s about chasing what you love and not compromising in the pursuit of it. It’s doing you in the best way possible while being true to you and maintaining authenticity. It’s about being real and raw. Get it? Ra Ra?

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you stick around.
Let’s adventure together!

Photos by Lyda.