3 Reasons to start running

In 2016, my new year resolution was basic – to do more of the things I love and less of the things I don’t. Sadly, it was that same year I fell out of love with running.

As with anything I’m passionate about, I become fully invested. When it comes to running, I was heavily involved with my local running community, ran as many races as my schedule would allow, and even travelled to new countries for the sake of running. But somewhere along the way, the fire stopped burning. The notion that runners must be fast ate at my love for the sport. Over time, I felt pressured being surrounded by runners who ran for speed, which made me lose sight of the reason I started running in the first place.

Running is my way of learning more about myself, discovering new cultures and locations, and meeting new people. To be honest, I’m not a fast runner and I never intend to be one. I run to explore.

For 2017, my new theme is to rediscover my love for running– to dig deep and have a better understanding of why I started back in 2014 and embrace it. A close friend of mine introduced the sport to me, but the reasons below are what kept me running. If you’re looking for reasons to finally start running, here are a few of mine.

3 Reasons to start running

  • Running makes you feel good physically and mentally.
  • The process teaches you important life lessons such as accountability, perseverance, challenge, and discovery.
  • You’ll meet incredibly driven people with various run levels, who may very well be worth keeping in your life.

Photos by Kyle Miyamoto.

Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with PUMA Running to share my run story with you this month. This post is not sponsored although the imagery and product were in collaboration with PUMA Running. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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